Driven by the desire to stand out as a “Leader for Facilities Management in higher education.” The Facilities Division at Western Connecticut State University has sought out ways to build an innovative customer driven environment which focuses on student satisfaction, high levels of service and efficiencies, and timely responses for deliverables. Our mission is simple: deliver a safe, sustainable, and functional campus environment.

The Facilities Division is made up of Environmental Health & Safety, Facilities Operations, Facilities Planning & Engineering, Facilities Scheduling and Promotion, and the WestConnect Card Office. Each of these diverse areas provide a high level of value to our students, Faculty/Staff, and the University’s visitors on a daily basis. Making incremental improvements on a daily basis, transforming our University into a state of the art classroom centric facility is at the core of what the Facilities Division works towards.

To learn more about Facilities Initiatives and Services, Policies and Procedures, University Standards, Sustainability Efforts, and Innovative Solutions to Everyday Questions please feel free to contact any of the Facilities Division Directors for personalized attention and a timely response.

Luigi Marcone, M.S., CHMM
Chief Facilities Officer and AVP for Campus Planning

Luigi Marcone, M.S., CHMM
Chief Facilities Officer and
AVP for Campus Planning
Higgins Annex 105A
Phone (203) 837-9314
Fax (203) 837-8117

Stephanie Schreiber
Administrative Assistant (Temporary)
To the Chief Facilities Officer and s
AVP for Campus Planning
Higgins Annex 105B
Phone (203) 837-9334
Fax (203) 837-8117

Please read the Maintenance Direct requestors’ User Guide before accessing the system and generating work orders. For immediate service, please contact Bill McDevitt at (203) 837-8425 during business hours.  After hours, please contact the university police department at (203) 837-9300.