History : History Department Faculty

Joshua M. Rosenthal

Warner Hall 216
Office Phone: 203 837 8449
Email: RosenthalJ@wcsu.edu


Ph.D. in History, Columbia University, 2001
M.A. in History, Columbia University, 1992
B.A. in History, Wesleyan University, 1988

Teaching Interests:

I teach surveys on Latin America. I also teach courses on Latino/a history and Commodities in Latin America. Reflecting my research interests I cover a lot of material relating to Colombia and Brazil in my course. I am also helping faculty in the Department of World Languages and the Department of Social Sciences to introduce a minor in Caribbean, Latin American, and Latin@ studies (CLALS) at WestConn.

Research Interests and Publications:

My current research is on appeals for clemency in 19th Century Colombia made by people prosecuted for their actions during civil wars. I am reading through the appeals for clemency (indultos) made after the civil wars of 1839-41, 1851 and 1854. While this project is still in the initial stages I am very excited by the prospect of coming to understand how regular people saw themselves as actors in the ebb and flow of Colombia’s political affairs. I am beginning what I hope will be a fairly large project by focusing on the role of family in these appeals. My earlier research on Colombia comes out of my dissertation where I examined the impact of state building on local society. I am working on a book tentatively titled Making Salt and Building the State in 19th Century Colombia – though the title will surely change. I maintain memberships in the Colombia section of the Latin American Studies Association, the Conference on Latin American History, the New England Conference on Latin American Studies, and the Asociacin de Colombianistas. 

I also write essays, perhaps best thought of as scholarly commentary, and lecture on the Brazilian culture form/dance/martial art of Capoeira. I am a dedicated though not very skilled student of capoeira under Contre Mestre Caxias of Grupo Capoeira Brazil.  I am married to a professor of psychology, who wishes to remain nameless, and we have two small children.