Health Promotion & Exercise Sciences

‘Fast Track’ our degree in Health Promotion Studies!

If you’re a highly motivated first time college student or a student seeking a career change who’d like to earn a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion Studies in just 28 months, then this option is for you!
Students who choose this option take their major courses during the traditional fall and spring academic sessions and complete the rest of their general education and free elective credit by using the winter and summer sessions.

Students are accepted into the ‘fast track’ program by first gaining acceptance to the B.S. in Health Promotion Studies by going through the university’s normal admissions process.  Once accepted to the University, the student must then interview with the department’s ‘fast track’ coordinator.   All applicants must test into general education math and writing courses.*

Students accepted to the ‘fast track’ program must adhere to a strict course sequence in order to complete the program.  Students also must have a good understanding of the financial aid and housing practices at Western Connecticut State University.**

Contact the department for more information or to set up an interview!

* Please see: this link for more information on academic placement testing.

**Financial aid at Westconn is based the normal fall and spring terms.  Taking courses outside of those terms may or may not be covered.  Housing will be available during winter and summer terms.

Fast Track Community Health Sequencing

Fast Track Wellness Management Sequencing