ConnectMail Setup

Accessing ConnectMail

  1. Open a web browser of your choice. Go to:

  2. Enter your username and password in the boxes displayed below. You must enter your entire username in the Windows Live ID box: Your username consists of your last name followed by a 3‐digit number.

  3. Your temporary password is “Connect” followed by your 8 digit banner ID (e.g. Connect50000001).

Initial Account Setup

  1. As you login for the first time using your temporary password, you will need to fill out the account information form. You will need to put in your temporary password again, select and answer a security question, provide an alternate email address, and provide your birth year and location.

    NOTE: It is critical that you input an alternate email address that you can readily access. Should you forget your password, reset instructions will be sent to this alternate email address.

  2. Once the form is completed, select “I Accept” at the bottom of the form. Selecting “I Accept” means that you agree to the Windows Live service agreement and Privacy Statement.

Using the Interface

Changing your password

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