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: Undergraduate Degree Programs

Justice & Law Administration

Why study Justice & Law Administration at WCSU? 
The largest program at the Ancell School of Business, the JLA program has a long and proud history of turning out graduates with a wide variety of career options before them. Courses emphasize critical skills such as problem solving, reasoning and communication and are taught by life-long industry professionals and scholars who know the theory and have the practical experience to help students meet their goals.

JLA plays a critical role in today’s world.

Justice and Law Administration grads work in careers that are critical to the success or our civil society. Our major courses and our five options in law enforcement, corrections, criminology, legal studies and paralegal preparation, provide a broad base of knowledge for future justice professionals.

Your Western JLA degree leads . . . to careers in law, public service, social systems and private enterprise.

Graduates from the WCSU JLA program pursue careers in fields such as federal, state and local law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole departments, other offender rehabilitation careers, public administration, paralegal work, private security, and fraud investigation. The JLA program also provides a solid foundation to pursue further studies in law school and other graduate schools.

The administration of justice and law in the United States today is as pervasive as the law itself. Accordingly, the mission of the Division of Justice and Law Administration (JLA) is to provide an integration of substantive and practical education in courses of study designed to prepare students for a variety of career choices in law, public service, social systems and private enterprises.

The division has as its primary purposes:

  1. to enhance the students’ abilities to reason, to communicate in written and verbal form, and to engage in scholarship;
  2. to fulfill students’ career goals in the areas of the administration of justice, the regulatory, protective or rehabilitative services, or the law-related professions; and
  3. to assist students in pursuing undergraduate and graduate level education in law, criminology, public administration, rehabilitation services, criminal justice and associated areas.

A JLA graduate should be able to:

  1. Engage in scholarship that is relevant to the options within the JLA program
  2. Use quantitative, qualitative and critical thinking skills to analyze and propose solutions to practical problems in the areas of law, criminology, rehabilitation services, criminal justice, and associated areas.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in the areas of written and oral communication

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