SAT/ACT – Optional Admissions Criteria Requirements

  • Minimum GPA of B or 3.0 (recalculated to university standards) or top 35 percent of class
    • Grades have the following values:
      A (93-100)      4.0 C (73-75)            2.0
      A- (90-92)       3.67 C- (70-72)          1.67
      B+ (86-89)      3.33 D+ (66-69)         1.33
      B (83-85)         3.0 D (63-65)            1.0
      B- (80-82)        2.67 D- (60-62)           .67
      C+ (76-79)      2.33 F (59 & below)    0.0
  • Submit official high school transcript
  • Submit first quarter senior-year grades
  • Write two essays:
    • Respond to the question, “Where do you see yourself in four years, and what are three goals you would like to accomplish as an undergraduate?”
    • State the reason why you have decided not to submit SAT/ACT scores with your application.
  • Submit resume of activities and/or two letters of recommendation
  • Apply by March 1
  • Submit $50 application fee

SAT/ACT-Optional Facts

  • Test scores that are submitted with a SAT/ACT-optional application will not negatively impact the admissions decision.
  • If a student does not meet the GPA criteria for the SAT/ACT-optional application, he or she may submit SAT/ACT scores to help with the decision process.
  • Students who are applying for or considering Pre-Nursing are required to have SAT scores on record.
  • Students who apply with an SAT/ACT-optional application who do not submit test scores will be required to take WCSU placement exams upon acceptance.
  • SAT/ACT scores are required in order to be considered for a Merit Scholarship.