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Presentation Practice Center

And Now – Introducing the Ancell Presentation Practice Center!

  Brought to you by the Ancell Commons

What is the Presentation Practice Center?

The Ancell Commons Presentation Practice Center is here to help students improve the quality and effectiveness of their presentations.  Presentations will be reviewed according to content, organization, delivery, and visual aids and our Peer Educators will provide suggestions for you where they see opportunities for improvement.

Why should you come? Presentations are an integral part of a career in business, and preparation is often a critical part of an effective presentation.  Our staff will review your presentation based on a faculty accepted rubric and will offer suggestions as to how to improve.


Where can you find us? We are located in the Ancell Commons, Westside Campus Classroom Bldg. Suite 433, inside the Robert S. Young library or you can make an appointment at

How does it work?   There are two ways to use the Presentation Practice Center:  To sign up for an appointment, visit and follow instructions to create an appointment.  Select the “Presentation Feedback” option from the drop down menu.

1.    In Person: Make an appointment to meet with a Peer Educator from the Commons.  Run through your presentation for them. The Peer Educator will provide suggestions to improve your presentation.

2.   By Video: Record an Mp4 video file of your presentation.  Schedule an appointment with one of our Peer Educators who will review it with you and offer suggestions.

All of our services are free to registered students