Now Available: Banner 9

As part of the CSCU Banner Modernization and Standardization project, the BannerAdmin 9 app is now available for all current users of Banner INB. This is the first of many Banner 9 apps to be rolled out over the course of 2019.


UPDATED 6/28/2019: Due to unanticipated delays, the legacy version of BannerAdmin, Banner 8 INB, will remain available through the end of September 2019 in order to allow for a longer transition period. However, IT&I will no longer be providing updates or defect corrections to Banner 8 INB. If you have not already done so, please plan to make the transition to Banner 9. For help getting started with the new interface, visit the Resources link.

We’re listening. To help you make the transition from Banner INB, we are planning a series of Banner 9 clinics and workshops. Stay tuned for details.

BannerAdmin 9

  • Click on the image below to go to BannerAdmin 9
  • Login with your full WCSU username (
  • Works on any modern browser

Banner INB

  • Click on the image to go to Banner INB
  • Login with your INB username
  • Only works with IE (Firefox on Mac only)