Banner 8 Forms Transformation

Forms which were developed by WCSU or the BOR-IT organization (AKA “custom forms”) must be converted to Banner 9 in order to work seamlessly in the new interface while using browser brands other than Internet Explorer (or the special Firefox version for Mac users which allows java apps).

The table below contains the list of our custom forms in use and their transformation status.

Form/Page Description Status Comments
GYAIDEN WCSU External ID Lookup Not Started
GYANUPS Non-University Staff Accounts Not Started
GYAUSRS WCSU Active Directory Table Maintenance Not Started
GYAWEBR Banner Web Role Maintenance In Progress
PZAMSUP Supplemental MSA Employee Information Form Completed Fully integrated into Banner 9
SYACDHE WCSU Program to DHE/CIP Code Map Deferred Investigating possibility of moving data to SOACURR/STVMAJR
SYAHLTH WCSU Health Information Completed Fully integrated into Banner 9
SYAPERM WCSU Permission to Register In Progress
SYASVCP CONNectCard Transaction Manual Push Not Started
SYIHLTH WCSU Immunization Status Inqry Not Started
SYVHHLD Health Record Hold Validation Not Started
SYVIMMU Immuniztion Validation Not Started
SYVROLE Banner Web User Rold Validation Not Started
TYAREVS Revenue Intercept Completed Fully integrated into Banner 9