Events & Conference Management

Policies and Procedures

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Once you have read the policies and procedures and wish to contact the staff, please fill out the following Information Sheet and have it ready.  We will need this information to complete your reservation.

Once you want to reserve a spot at WCSU for your event, please visit our Reservations page to contact us. Also, if you need tickets to be sold at the WCSU Box Office, please fill out the following form and submit it to us.

Internal WCSU Events
This is the place to go for any information in regards to hosting any events on campus that are connected to WCSU.For WCSU Events, facility use agreements (FUA’s) must be submitted and approved by an authorized university officer in advance of an outside party using our facilities for any purpose that requires an FUA. Presently, the president and vice president for Finance and Administration (VPFA) are authorized to sign on behalf of the university.  As a practical matter, the VPFA signs them (unless the VPFA is out of the office and timing will not allow the FUA to wait for VPFA’s return). Before an FUA can be considered for signing, it must be properly completed, including the third party signature, date signed, official corporate resolution, nondiscrimination certification, insurance certification as needed, and all other required documentation and releases. A completed FUA must be sent to the Director of Administrative Services who will review it for procedural and policy compliance and then forward to the VPFA for signature.

Once the FUA has been signed by a university officer, it must go to the state attorney general’s (AG’s) office for approval. This process typically requires two weeks.

Under no circumstances may a third party be permitted to use our facilities until an FUA has been signed by the VPFA or the president.

Please submit the properly documented FUA to the Director of Administrative Services three weeks ahead of the first scheduled facilities use. If for any reason this timeframe is not possible, please provide with the FUA a memo stating why the FUA is being submitted late.  Until university approval is obtained, the facility may not be used by any third party.

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External Events
This is the place to go for any information in regards to any non University member hosting an event on campus. For more information on these types of events, please check out the links for more information.
Pre-meeting checklist
General Policy and Procedures Sheet
Ticket Request Form
Camps and Conferences
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Summer Housing Options
Summer Camp Pricing Options