Health Service

Medical Guidelines For International Students

The Connecticut State University System Health Form must be completed entirely.

Part E of the CSU health form must be completed by your medical provider.

An examination done within one year prior to entering the University will be accepted.

The following immunizations are required by Connecticut law for all
students born after 12/31/1956:


  • Two measles or two MMR (one must be after your 1st birthday and one at least one month later) and after 1/1/1969
  • 2nd dose must be after 1/1/1980


  • Two rubella or two MMR immunizations (one must be  after 1st birthday)


  • Two immunizations required
  • EXEMPT if born in the USA before 1/1/1980


  • Two mumps or two MMR immunizations


The actual lab results of positive titers (blood test) may be submitted in lieu of the immunizations

Certification of confirmed cases of measles, mumps, rubella & varicella by a licensed health care provider may be submitted in lieu of the above.