Rachel Peet

Rachel Peet
Major: Photojournalism (Contract)
Concentration: Spanish Language
Barden Scholarship Recipient for Summer 2017. Read her article about the trip: https://rgnn.org/2017/09/02/the-three-es-necessary-for-your-packing-list-education-effort-and-empathy/
“Last summer, the Barden’s Honors Travel Fund at WCSU not only furthered my wanderlust, but also furthered my knowledge in the realm of Photojournalism, my contract major, and the path I would like to pursue in the future. With the support of the scholarship, I carried out a two week Photojournalism Internship with the Rooster Global News Network (RoosterGNN) in Madrid, Spain. A group of about 12 students and I completed a series of Photojournalism related workshops, and we got to explore our personal passions by choosing our own travel article topics and publishing two articles by the end. Ironically, I ended up writing a travel article on “anti-tourism” in Spain at the time… From such, I concluded that travel journalism was not of my interest and that to travel with a purpose is to travel with education, effort, and empathy. The internship itself surely taught me a wealth of knowledge in the two specific fields of photography and journalism. Yet, stepping out of my comfort zone and into a completely new and foreign environment taught my present and future self much more beyond the borders of these two fields of studies. I cannot express my appreciation for the opportunities the Barden’s Honors Travel Fund offered me and its proof that our education ultimately stretches beyond any borders we come across in our travels, near or far.”