International Students

International Services Office

About the Office

The International Services Office handles two key areas at WCSU.

  1. Support of non-immigrant students holding F-1 visa (and their dependents) as a post-admissions service. We provide orientation and ongoing support and guidance of the non-immigrant federal regulations.
  2. Support of ISEP Exchange students.

Contact Information

Ms. Donna Warner, International Services Coordinator
181 White Street
Danbury, CT 06810
Midtown Student Center, Room 207

Student Quotes

We've felt welcomed from day one and that we were never treated any differently, making us sometimes forget that we're foreigners. Our undergrad years were a blast and we're proud to have graduated from WCSU. Our adventures at WCSU are not over yet since I'm enrolled into the MFA program, and Tamara's doing her MBA.

– Anthony Colombero, France - B.A. ’21; MFA ‘23

Photo of Tamara

What Anthony said describes perfectly our experience. Every single faculty member took into account the fact that I was an international student and we had great in class discussions of international issues, especially in JLA - which also allowed my peers to discover how other countries work, and I felt as an asset to the class - which is great. Faculty also were always amazing because they understood that I was a foreigner and that if needed they always took the time to explain things in detail if I ever got confused or something.

Tamara Colombero, France – B.S. ’21, MBA ‘23

Photo of Tamara

I will always cherish my time at WCSU. I was able to get the education I was looking for and gain experiences and friendships for a lifetime. By getting involved in the programs WCSU provided and using the resources of the WCSU Career Center I was able to get an internship and eventually get hired by the same company. I had a very positive experience at WCSU as an international student or just as a student, because I never felt out of place!

– Lina Vorotnikova, Russia - B.S '20

Photo of Tamara