Information Technology & Innovation

Student Employment Opportunities


Computer Center Assistant

A Computer Center Assistant provides support in computer accounts and basic computer and program use to students, faculty, and staff in the computer centers, as well as monitor and maintain the centers, 24-hour labs, and technology classrooms on campus. A CCA also informs students of available technology resources at WCSU.

Computer Lab Assistants

A Training Specialist provides training in the programs, along with all of CCA responsibilities outlined above. Training Specialists may be asked to author new training materials, and hold workshops and one-on one tutorials. Hours are mostly on Midtown campus in the Student Technology Training Center SC 225 (STTC).

Classroom Technology Assistant

A Classroom Technology Assistant provides support for the technology in all WCSU classrooms. CTA’s do not have hours in the staffed computer labs, and are treated as a separate position from CCA. CTA’s have the freedom to make their own personalized schedules and are able to work at anytime throughout the day (24/7). Their responsibilities include cleaning, checking, and maintaining the classroom technology on a weekly basis.


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Information Technology at Western Connecticut State University will provide an information technology environment that delivers a seamless learning atmosphere for students, faculty, and staff. The University will be a leader in using technology to enhance teaching and learning to meet the educational needs of a diversified student body, faculty, and staff. IT&I supports the University’s mission of empowering students, assuring effective teaching, strengthening partnerships with people and institutions while supporting continuous improvement, and intellectual integrity.