Marian Anderson Campaign

Campaign Summary





Marian Anderson was one of the most celebrated singers of the twentieth century.  As an African-American woman, born in 1897, her life and career were frequently met with racism and adversity.  Despite this, her talent was recognized by audiences all over the world and she is widely recognized as a Civil Rights icon. Her quiet elegance paved the way for countless women and African-American artists who came after her.  The Anderson School of Visual and Performing Arts will be rooted in Ms. Anderson’s sense of integrity and regard for all people. Students from all backgrounds will be considered for admission–including those talented students who did not have access to traditional arts training.

Naming our award winning, state of the art, School of Visual and Performing Arts in honor of Marian Anderson will raise the level of recognition for our programs and provide an appropriate tribute to one of our most revered “hometown” heroes.  It is fitting that the Anderson School will be located in Danbury CT—the city that Marian Anderson called home for more than 50 years.

Strengthening student support, building partnerships with artists and community members, investing in our faculty and programs, and renaming our school will raise national awareness for our programs and provide a lasting and worthy tribute to Ms. Anderson’s life.  All funds raised during this multi-year campaign will be used to elevate, innovate and champion our students, faculty, and programs at the Marian Anderson School.