Police Department

Crime Prevention Programs

Crime and criminality are problems for the entire community, not problems for the police alone. The police are charged to prevent and suppress crime, and to solve crime once it occurs to the utmost of their ability. However, they are realistically aware that they can neither prevent all crime from occurring nor solve every crime that does occur. To attain the greatest possible degree of success in these endeavors, we require and strive to obtain the active cooperation, assistance, and moral support of the people we service.

Crime takes place in our society at large and, unfortunately, the problem does not magically disappear at the edge of campus. Thefts, assaults, and other violations of the law do sometimes occur at western as at other colleges. It is not likely that you will be a victim of crime, but it is possible. Recognition of this fact is a good first step in avoiding becoming a victim of crime. We can further reduce the risk of victimization by thinking about our personal safety and taking practical, precautionary measures.

The University Police Division crime prevention unit has a wide variety of pamphlets and flyers in such topics as self-protection, rape prevention, theft prevention, etc. In addition, there are specialized topics of interest which include drug abuse, alcoholism, and others. The division sponsors a speakers bureau, where University police officers, experts in particular areas, go out and address the community and make appropriate contacts for expert lecturers.

To give you an idea of trends and criminal activity, the University Police will periodically issue special police bulletins as well as publish information in the campus newspaper (The Echo), and the staff bulletin (Western Report).