Pre Health Programs

Pre-Pharmacy Pathway

The following courses will satisfy the pre-requisites for most pharmacy schools.  It is important for students to determine the specific requirements for each pharmacy school they wish to apply to, in consultation with a pre-health advisor.  Most pharmacy schools require the following courses:

Other recommended and/or required courses:

Other Requirements:
The PCAT (pharmacy college admissions test) is required for applicants to pharmacy school.

Pharmacy school is becoming increasing popular and, therefore, more competitive. Most schools require at least a 3.0, but a higher GPA is necessary to be considered.  The average GPA of students entering into pharmacy programs ranges from 3.22 – 3.62.

Pre-Pharmacy Pathway Sample Four Year Plan


Fall 1

WRT101 Composition I (FY)
MAT170 Calculus with Review or MAT181 Calculus I (QR)*
BIO103 General Biology I (SI)
CHE110 General Chemistry I (SI)

Spring 1

Writing Intensive (WI)
MAT171 Calculus I with Review OR MAT115 Biostatistics OR MAT120 Stats(QR)
BIO104 General Biology II
CHE111 General Chemistry II


Fall 2

COM162 Public Speaking (OC)
Foreign Language I (IC)
CHE210 Organic Chemistry I
Major Course (IL)
Gen Ed (HW)

Spring 2

PSY100 Intro to Psychology
Foreign Language II (IC)
CHE211 Organic Chemistry II
Major Course
Gen Ed (CT)


Fall 3

Major Course
Major Course
BIO105 Anatomy & Physiology I
PHY120 General Physics I
ECO211 Microeconomics

Spring 3

Major Course
Major Course
BIO106 Anatomy & Physiology II
PHY121 General Physics II or Free Elective
BIO216 General Microbiology


Fall 4

BIO421 Biochemistry Lecture
Major Course
Major Course
Major Course
Major Course (W3 & CGE)

Spring 4

Gen Ed (CP)
SOC100 Intro to Sociology
MAT115 Biostats OR MAT120 Stats (QR) OR Free Elective
Major OR Free Elective
Major OR Free Elective

*Students who did not take pre-calculus in high school are encouraged to take MAT133 Pre-calculus during the summer prior to the start of this program.

Taking multiple lab sciences in a semester can be very challenging. You may wish to reduce your course load and take some courses in the summer.  Speak with your advisor about this possibility.