Strategic Plan : Goals of the Strategic Plan

Goal 4 : Action Steps

As you view the action steps, you will observe icons next to each step which indicate progress.

Goal 4: Create a distinct identity.

4.1. Strategy 1: Celebrate and promote the importance of faculty scholarly activities as part of the WCSU brand.

4.2. Strategy 2: Examine the viability and purpose of designating individual programs as Signature Programs.

4.2.1. In conjunction with the University Senate, create an ad hoc committee to review the concept of “Signature Status” and report recommendations to the University regarding whether this designation should be retained.
4.2.2. If WCSU decides to retain the “Signature Program” designation, define criteria for gaining signature status, clarify what it means to be a signature program, and post to the website.
4.2.3. If WCSU decides to retain the “Signature Program” designation, for each existing Signature Program identify what sets it apart from competitor programs in Connecticut and regionally, and post to the website.
4.2.4. If WCSU decides to retain the “Signature Program” designation, incorporate signature status into department brochures, marketing and admissions materials.

4.3. Strategy 3: Develop the WCSU brand and publicize through sustained marketing efforts.

4.3.1. Decide on “WestConn vs. Western” as branded name and reflect this in all WCSU materials, web pages, departments, athletic teams, etc.
4.3.2. Promote updated Colonial image and include in new “WestConn/Western” brand name.
4.3.3. Create a new slogan for the university as a whole and tie new logo into “WestConn/Western” name adoption.
4.3.4. Leverage WCSU as the “best of both worlds” (rural/urban; New England/NYC, etc.).
4.3.5. Incorporate “success for a diverse community of learners” into our identity and marketing.
4.3.6. Evaluate whether WCSU has “kept the promises” marketed to incoming students.