Strategic Plan : Goals of the Strategic Plan

Goal 5 : Action Steps

Goal 5: Create a self-sustaining financial model.

5.1. Strategy 1: Create a plan to evaluate academic, support, outreach, and administrative programs.

5.1.1. Establish an Evaluation of Programs Committee constituted by the University Senate and the Office of Academic Affairs to develop a systematic process, informed by the Prioritizing Academic Programs and Services: Reallocating Resources to Achieve Strategic Balance by Robert C. Dickeson, published by Jossey-Bass, 2010.
5.1.2. Each of the goals related to determining priorities of programs or viability would be informed by the following steps:

  • Preparation: Define programs
  • Information-Gathering: Institutional Research, Environmental Scan Report, Accreditation Reports
  • First Stage Analysis—Deans and Directors
  • Second Stage Analysis—Provost and Vice Presidents
  • Final Stage Analysis—President and Strategic Plan Implementation Committee
  • Integration and Synthesis—Campus Community
  • Final Decision Stage—President
  • Implementation
  • Renewal Stage—Evaluation of Programs Committee and Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

5.2. Strategy 2: Create greater efficiencies and affinities in Institutional Advancement.

5.2.1. Increase the percentage of valid email addresses for alumni and other constituents to promote student success stories and build affinity.
5.2.2. Increase total number of donors.
5.2.3. Develop a strategy to increase participation of community members and partners in the life of the campus.
5.2.4. Systematize community member contact and critical background information in the fund raising database.

5.3. Strategy 3: Redesign the functions of Alumni Relations to have alumni interacting with current students and working to enhance the mission of the university.

5.3.1. Partner with Career Services.
5.3.2. Focus contributions to be on the success of the university rather than on being a member of an alumni association.

5.4. Strategy 4: Align the efforts of the University Planning and Budget Committee (UPBC) with the plan to evaluate programs.

5.4.1. New programs, after a designated amount of time, will be required to present at UPBC their achievements in terms of hitting projected enrollment numbers.