Strategic Plan

In spring 2014 WCSU embarked on a new Strategic Planning Initiative in order to examine and update the 2005 Strategic Plan. President Schmotter formed a Steering Committee and charged them with coordinating the university-wide effort to revisit the university’s Mission, Values and Vision, and Strategic Goals.

Meaningful, effective strategic planning necessitates the participation of WCSU faculty, staff, and students as well as key individuals from the nonprofit, governmental, and business communities. Participation has been sought through these and other avenues:

  • School opening meetings
  • Meetings with specific internal and external groups
  • Online survey and suggestion box
  • Open forums
  • Individual contacts
  • Stakeholders Conference
  • Shared Governance
  • Student government and organizations

Planning Time Frame:

  • Formation of Steering Committee: January 2014
  • Establishment of Subcommittees: March 2014
  • Obtained feedback from WCSU community on existing Mission: August—October 2014
  • Steering Committee drafted Mission: October 2014
  • Stakeholders Conference—December 2014
  • Obtained feedback and approval from WCSU community and external stakeholders on draft Mission: December 2014—February 2015
  • Drafted Values: January 2015—August 2015
  • Received approval from the University Senate for the Mission and Values: Spring 2015
  • Identified key challenges/issues/aspirations: Fall 2015
  • Developed Strategic Goals and Vision: Spring 2016-Fall 2016
  • Received approval from the University Senate for the Strategic Goals and Vision: Spring 2017
  • Received approval from the CSCU Board of Regents for the Strategic Mission and Vision: June 2017