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What is a Peer Educator?

Our peer educators – Peer Tutors and Peer Academic Coaches – are current WCSU students who possesses experience in a subject area or field, have exceptional study habits and a passion for learning, are recommended by department faculty, and are trained to help foster active and independent learning. Peer Tutors work with students on content specific needs and questions while Peer Academic Coaches work with students to learn effective study strategies, better organization & time-management, and provide support and accountability as students work to achieve their academic goals.


Meet our Peer Tutors!

Biology & Chemistry

My name is Jacob. I am currently a junior biology student. I am a tutor for biology (BIO 100, BIO 103, BIO 104), and chemistry (CHE 110, CHE111). I plan on going to graduate school, most likely for entomology and/or molecular biology. I am an SFX artist and make monsters, wigs, and gore in my free time and I also love movies. If you have any questions about biology or the Biology department, I’ll be happy to help.

Courses I tutor: BIO 100, BIO 103, BIO 104, CHE 110, CHE 111


Update: I will be studying abroad in Sweden for the fall 2019 semester but will be returning to tutor spring 2020!




My name is Brody.  I’m currently in my senior year here at WCSU as a chemistry major. I love learning about chemistry and all of its connections to everyday life as well as inspiring that interest in others. I am also a TA for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry lab. Outside of school, during any free time I can get, I enjoy going on day hikes around the state.

Courses I tutor: CHE 102, CHE 110, CHE 111, CHE 120, CHE 205, CHE 210, CHE 211





My name is Kevin. I’m currently a senior, majoring in Nursing. I am also a part of the Honors Program. I tutor in the Pre-Nursing courses and my strength is in Anatomy and Physiology.  After I graduate, I hope to be working on a Med-Surg unit for about two years before applying to a masters program in nursing where I hope to work as I obtain a doctoral degree and become a professor here. I am happy to help answer questions in regards to pre-Nursing courses!

Courses I tutor: BIO 105, BIO 106, CHEM 120, NUR 105, NUR 201, NUR 205, NUR 225, NUR 235, NUR 300, PSY 205






Hello, my name is Dat. I am currently a senior at WCSU majoring in Nursing. For me, nursing school has been a wonderful experience. I am interested in acute and ambulatory care, so I hope to work in these settings after graduation. I am able to tutor pre-nursing and introductory nursing courses.

Courses I tutor: BIO 105, BIO 106, BIO 215, NUR 105, NUR 201, NUR 205, CHE 120, CHE 121





Math & Statistics

My name is Mitchell and I am a pure math major focusing on statistics. I am currently looking into a career as a consulting statistician. My goal is to travel the country while expanding my knowledge and exploring the sites. I tutor in MAT 120: Elementary Statistics and then MAT 222: Introductory Statistics. I can also help with MAT 207: Proofs (in the Fall) as well as MAT 141: Foundational Discrete Math (in the Spring).

Courses I tutor: MAT 120, MAT 222, MAT 207, MAT 141, MAT 115





Math & Computer Science

Hi my name is Cris and can help you out in Math and Computer Science. You may recognize me from the Math Emporium or through the campus radio station WXCI. I am able to tutor in CS 140: Intro to Programming and CS 110 as long as Java is the programming platform used. I can also help in Digital Interactive Media Arts (DIMA 100 and 200) are courses.

Courses I tutor: MAT 100, MAT 100/P, MAT 110, MAT 120, MAT 181, DIMA 100, DIMA 200, CS 140, CS 110






Physics, Calc, & Meteorology

Hi I’m Eric. This is my senior year studying Meteorology at WCSU. I really love the weather and all the concepts surrounding it. Helping others learn and care about weather is my biggest passion. I also work for the Center for Student Involvement and am a senator for the Student Government Association.

Courses I tutor : ES 110, AST 150, MTR 150, MTR 240, MTR 230, MTR 231, PHY 110, PHY 110, MAT 181, MAT 182, MAT 281, MAT 282



Psychology & Social Sciences

Hi!  I’m Gina.  I am very excited to be a tutor and to spread my love for learning! I am from New York and am a junior studying Psychology.  I am in the Kathwari Honors Program, the Honors Students of Compassion Club, and am a Student Ambassador here at WCSU.  I tutor in American Government and Intro to Psychology!  After I graduate, I plan to go to graduate school and earn my PHD in Psychology.


Courses I tutor: PSY 100, PSY 201, PS 201, PS 102, MAT 100




Hi, my name is Shughla and I am a Psychology major with a double minor in Biology and Philosophy. When not at school I enjoy hiking, traveling and reading and am very interested in the field of science. As well as the hobbies above, in my free time I enjoy teaching and helping people reach their goals. I can’t wait to meet with you and help you with your learning needs to the best of my ability! I can help with Psychology, Philosophy, and Biology courses.

Courses I tutor: PSY 100, PSY 210, PSY 211, PSY 224, PHI 100, BIO 105, BIO 100.







Hi, my name is Serena!

Courses I tutor: MUS 108, MUS 109, MUS 125, MUS 126, MUS 114, MUS 115, MUS 230





Music & Music Theatre

My name is T.J. I am a BFA Musical Theatre major as well as a Music Education Major. You may have seen me on stage in the Visual & Performing Arts Center but I also love to tutor on the side for anyone that struggles with music.

Courses I tutor : MUS 108, MUS 109, MUS 125, MUS 126, MUS 114, MUS 115, MUS 210, MUS 225, MUS 209, MUS 211, MUS 226, MED 100, MED 206, THE 298






Hi, my name is Rodney. Currently I’m a Biology/Pre-Nursing major as a Senior. I mainly tutor Anatomy & Physiology and General Biology. This Fall semester I can also help in Survey of Chemistry! A little more about me, I plan on graduating from WCSU as a Registered Nurse and continue on to earn a master’s degree as an APRN or a CRNA. I work full time as a CVS manager. When free time shows its face, I use it to hit the gym, travel, work on cars, and work on my photography skills.

Courses I tutor : BIO 100, BIO 103, BIO 104, BIO 105, BIO 106, CHE 110, CHE 111



TRC Center Assistants

Tutoring Resource Center Assistants are stationed at the front desk at various times throughout the week and weekends. 

TRC Assistants can help with:

  • registration and re-setting password for a MyWCOnline accounts
  • finding the content-specific tutor best suited to student’s needs
  • scheduling new, modifying current, or canceling appointments
  • introducing and/or finding tutor in library
  • printing & small technical issues like logging into Blackboard
  • Directions to other academic support services on campus (like the Writing Center or Ancell Learning Commons)
  • further explanation of our centers’ academic support services like giving flyers to those interested about upcoming TRC workshops or events






TRC Coordinator 

Lauren Eddy 

Office in Haas Library: Room 206

Office Phone: (203) 837-9245 

Email: eddyl@wcsu.edu

2nd floor of Haas Library on Midtown Campus 

If needing a reference letter from a former Tutoring Resource Center, please call the current Coordinator and ask for their current contact information.