Undocumented Student Support Services

On-Campus University Services

On-Campus University Services 

WCSU Police Department

The University’s Police Department is committed to providing professional protection services to our University community. These services are characterized by fairness, compassion, respect, and inclusiveness, and a commitment to protect the dignity of every person with whom we come in contact. Anyone in need of assistance and/or report an incident. Please contact the WCSU Police Department by calling (203) 837-9300, or for on campus emergencies, please dial 911 from any on-campus phone.

The Counseling Center (Confidential)

The University’s Counseling Center offers free, confidential services to the university community. The Counseling Center’s mission is to assist personal and educational development through therapy, consultation, and educational outreach. Our services strive to help students develop effective problem-solving and decision-making capabilities in order to make satisfying life choices and maximize their capacity for continued growth. The Center is located on the Midtown Center in the Student Center in Room 222, and are open 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and can be reached at (203) 837-8690.

The Office of Health Services (Confidential) 

The University’s Office of Health Service is able to provide quality primary and preventive health care in a culturally diverse context. The Office of Health Service strives to promote health awareness for our students and academic community through educational programs and counseling, promoting healthy behaviors that facilitate academic success. The Office is located on the Midtown Campus, across from the Parking Garage and in front of Litchfield Hall, and are open 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and can be reached at (203)-837-8594

The Women’s Center for Greater Danbury (Confidential)

The Women’s Center for Greater Danbury has provided a safe haven as the sole provider of domestic abuse and sexual assault survivor services in the Northern Fairfield and Southern Litchfield county areas.  The organization serves over 20,000 individuals from our area communities with free and confidential services that are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The Women’s Center provides individual and support group counseling for victims of domestic and sexual violence as well as those dealing with other major life crises. Services are available for undocumented students and their family members and significant others.  The Women’s Center is located in White Hall, Room 003 on the Midtown Campus and Campus Center, 3rd Floor, Room 300E on the Westside Campus.  Please call (203) 837-3939 or stop in to see an available on-site counselor for assistance.


If you have any specific questions or would like to discuss your situation in a confidential environment, you also welcome to contact one of the University’s core support team member(s):

Professor Carina Bandhauer– (bandhauerc@wcsu.edu) – Professor of Sociology/Department of Social Sciences

Jesenia Minier- Delgado- (minierdelgadoj@wcsu.edu) – Chief Diversity Officer/Office of Diversity and Equity

Daryle Dennis-  (dennisd@wcsu.edu) – Assistant Dean/Office of InterCultural Student Affairs