Undocumented Student Support Services

WCSU Undocu-Ally Taskforce

The WCSU Undocu-Ally Taskforce is made up of administration, faculty, staff, students, student alumni, and community undocu-Allies.


  1. Create access to more resources for undocumented students at Western.
  2. Create visibility and a welcoming campus environment.
  3. Educate and advocate!

In 2017-2018, the Undocu-Ally Taskforce has initiated efforts with the following sub-committees groups on:

  • Education/Financial Aid Reform
  • Faculty/Staff Training
  • Website Accessibility/Information Sharing

The Undocu-Ally Taskforce has also partnered with members from the Connecticut Students For A Dream.

For more information about the Undocu-Ally Taskforce or if you are interested in joining these efforts, please contact Professor Carina Bandhauer by email at bandhauerc@wcsu.edu. Professor Bandhauder is a Professor of Sociology with the Department of Social Sciences and a primary organizer of this Taskforce.