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Who Should have a WESTCONNect Card?

You Can Use Your CONNect Cash Off Campus- click here to learn more!!

 Replacement ID

 CONNect Cash $$

 Meal Plan Program


 Fitness Room Use

 Facility Access

Waterbury Nurses

Who should have a WESTCONNect ID Card?

All registered students, faculty, staff and university affiliates must obtain a WESTCONNect ID Card. This includes all part-time, evening and summer students. Department contacts are responsible for working with the WESTCONNect Office to make appropriate arrangements for visitors, contractors, vendors and other non-University personnel who are authorized to be on University grounds.

ISSUANCE: You will need to bring a valid form of photo identification (driver’s license, state identification card, passport) and your course schedule verifying registration for the current semester (for students), or your Human Resource form (for employees).

Replacement ID Cards

Replacement Cards: Lost, stolen or damaged cards should be reported immediately to the WESTCONNect Card Office during normal business hours.  Students, Faculty and Staff may also report their card as lost or stolen online by going through WESTCONNDUIT at staging.www.wcsu.edu, selecting the Academic Tools Tab, and then navigating to WESTCONNect Card Account Management under University Services. Residents are also responsible for notifying their Resident Directors when their card is lost or stolen.

Students:  Cards that have been lost, stolen, or damaged due to vandalism or neglect will be replaced for a fee of $15 payable at the Cashier’s Office. 

Cards that have ceased functioning due to normal wear and tear or a data/technology issue as determined by WESTCONNect office staff will be replaced free of charge.

Replacement cards must be obtained in person and will not be mailed.

If you wish to fill it out ahead of time, you may obtain the replacement ID card form here.

CONNect Cash

What is CONNect Cash and where do I use it?

How do I put money on my card?

How do I manage my account?

I lost money in a machine.  How do I get a refund?

Terms and Conditions


What is CONNect CASH?

CONNect Cash is a program that allows any person with a valid university ID to put money on their card for use at a growing list of locations throughout the university. Additionally, CONNEct Cash can be used at a growing number of off campus locations!  For more information, click here! On campus, CONNect Cash can be used at:

  • Food Service Locations, including:
    • Midtown Restuarant-Student Center
    • Einstein Bagels-HAAS Library
    • Danbury Room-Student Center
    • Westside Marketplace-Westside Campus Center
    • Daily Grind-Westside Campus Center
  • All Residence Hall Laundry Rooms
  • Campus Bookstore-Midtown Student Center
  • Vending Machines
    • Residence Halls: Fairfield Hall, Newbury Hall, Litchfield Hall, Centennial Hall, Grasso Hall, Pinney Hall
    • Academic Buildings Higgins Hall, Berkshire Hall, Warner Hall, White Hall, Science Building, WS Classroom Building
    • Additional Buildings: HAAS Library, MT Student Center 2nd Floor, WS Campus Center
  • Student Life Locations, including:
    • Midtown Student Center & West Side Campus Center Box Offices
    • The Daily Grind Coffee at the West Side Campus Center
  • Other Payment Centers
    • HAAS Library-Midtown
    • Westside Classroom Building Young Library-Westside
    • Old Main Cashier’s Office-Midtown
  • Off Campus
    • For a current list of off campus locations that accept CONNect Cash Click here


How do I put money on my card?

There are two methods to put money on your WESTCONNect ID Card, turning it into CONNect Cash:


E-Check or Accepted Credit Card:
Go on-line to WESTCONNDUIT and click on the Student Tools Tab.  Under the University Services Section, select WESTCONNect Card Account Management. View your balance, transaction history and select add funds to put money on your CONNect Cash account.  You need a valid username and password to go on to restricted areas of WESTCONNDUIT.



In Person

Cash or Check

Go to the Cashier’s Office located on the first floor of Old Main.

Please note: By placing money on your card, you are accepting the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the CONNect Cash Program.


How do I manage my account?

  1. Log onto WESTCONNDUIT.  You must have a WESTCONNDUIT account to access this service.  Please note, you need a valid username and password to go on to WESTCONNDUIT.
  2. Click on the Student Tools Tab
  3. Select WESTCONNect Card Account Management under the University Services Channel
    • View your current balance and last deposit
    • Review your transaction detail
    • Follow the link to put additional funds on your card
    • Report your card lost or stolen and protect your CONNect Cash $$

I lost money in a machine.  How do I get a refund?

If you lost CONNECT Cash while using your card at either a vending machine or a laundry machine, please fill out this form and submit it to the WESTCONNect Office.  If you lost cash, please go to the Cashier’s office for a refund.

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Meal Plans

Your WESTCONNect Card also serves as your meal plan card.

Meal plan information is available at the Food Services website or at the Food Services Office located in the midtown Student Center by the Student Restaurant.

You can also view your meal plan information through Manage My ID



ConnectPrint credits are automatically loaded on registered students’ WESTCONNect Cards and can be used at designated locations. ConnectPrint Credits ARE NOT the same as CONNect Cash. You cannot use ConnectPrint credits anywhere except ConnectPrint locations and your CONNect Cash is currently not accepted at ConnectPrint locations.

For further information, click here to view the University’s IT&I Support Help Page.

Fitness Rooms

Students, faculty and staff who wish to use the fitness facilities on campus must present their WESTCONNect Card to the staff to validate their status as a current member of the campus community.