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Welcome to the Academic Advisement Center! All full-time and part-time students who have been formally admitted to the University and who have not yet decided on an academic major can seek advisement through the Academic Advisement Center. We help provide students with the knowledge, tools, and resources to be academically successful at WCSU. We work in assisting students transition into college-level courses, degree programs, and reach academic and personal goals by creating appropriate academic plans.

We strongly encourage making an appointment with an Academic Advisor a week in advance, especially during registration times. While walk-ins are welcomed, we may not be able to see you right away, so please prepare to wait.

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How can the Academic Advisement Center help?

The Academic Advisement Center has up-to-date information on all academic programs at the University and can assist full and part-time Exploratory Studies (Undeclared) students in choosing a major area of study. In addition, the Academic Advisement Center staff acts as a liaison between the Counseling Center, Career Development and all other academic departments on campus. Until students have chosen a major area of study and have been assigned a faculty advisor, the staff at the Academic Advisement Center can assist students with course selection and registration. The professional staff advisors in the Academic Advisement Center are available to:

  •  Assist you in selecting and registering for courses that meet both general education requirements and allow you to explore various fields of study that may help you decide upon a major area of study
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information about programs and services as well as policies and procedures at the university
  • Assist students in assessing academic strengths and interests that will lead to the declaration of a major
  • Refer you to other academic departments and university services