School of Professional Studies

Health Promotion & Exercise Sciences

Fitness for Life General Education

The Fitness for Life courses fulfill the Health & Wellness general education competency, as well as the former physical activity general education requirement. This requirement is satisfied by successfully completing a combination of one 1.0 credit HPX 177 lecture course and one 1.0 credit HPX 177 activity course. The lecture and activity courses must be taken during the same semester.

Splitting the course (taking the lecture without the activity or activity without lecture) is possible and available to students who transfer in physical activity credit or for WCSU students who have received 1 credit of varsity athletics participation. A maximum of one credit is acceptable from varsity athletics for the general education activity credit. Students requesting to split the course must present an unofficial transcript documenting the earned transfer/varsity sport participation credit before receiving permission to split for Fitness for Life. Students who have a transferred or athletics activity credit must take the HPX 177 lecture course to complete the general education requirement.

Because of the physical demands of activity courses offered at WCSU, students are strongly urged to have a physical examination prior to registering for these courses. Since part-time students are not covered by university accident insurance, part-time students are strongly urged to carry accident insurance.

Activity Class Offerings:

Aerobic Dance
Body Sculpting
Hiking/Power Walking
Jazz, Ballet & Tap Dancing
Modern Dance
Power walking
Resistance Training
Student Independent Activities
Tai Chi

Student Independent – Activity Class Offerings:

This is an online activity course that requires permission from the instructor prior to enrolling in the course. The course is run through Blackboard Learn, and students receiving permission to enroll in the SIA will be reserved a spot in the online Fitness for Life lecture course during the same term. The permission request form should be downloaded, completed electronically, and emailed to the instructor of the course in which the student plans to enroll.

This course is designed specifically for students who engage in a regular physical activity program within their community. Students are expected to accumulate 30 hours of independent exercise, under the supervision of a licensed/certified fitness coach, instructor, or trainer. Supervisors will be contacted throughout the course to verify physical activity supervision. The student will track all activity in a self-created physical activity log. While the supervisor does not need to have direct, constant supervision of the activity, the supervisor should sign the activity log and verify all of the activity participation. Contact Dr. Emily Stevens ( with questions about the SIA option for Fitness for Life.