Police Department

On and Off Campus Safety Tips

As always, following good common sense procedures makes a positive difference.

  • When traveling to and from campus, walk with a friend whenever possible. If you must walk alone, consider carrying an attention-getting screech alarm. Use well-lit routes.
  • At your apartment-
    • Keep your doors and windows secure and locked whenever you leave your residence.
    • Consider changing your door locks when you move into a new residence since you have no way of knowing who may have keys from the previous resident.
    • Set up your own community watch with your neighbors, if possible, and be familiar with your surroundings.
    • Keep local police and fire emergency numbers handy.
    • If you need help regarding security, call the university police at 837-9300 and ask for the crime prevention officer. This officer can assist you in many aspects of your personal security as well as refer you to your town city police department crime prevention officials.