Registration Information

Registration Information

Assigned Registration Dates – You must have your student id available to register

Current undergraduate matriculants have been assigned a day on or after which they may register.  The dates have been assigned on the basis of credits earned toward graduation prior to this semester, with those having more credits getting an earlier date. Matriculated students must see their primary advisor before they register in order to obtain their registration PIN.  Students may register in person at the Registrar’s Office with a signed course approval form from your advisor or via WestConnduit at any time on or after your earliest registration date.


Non-matriculants may choose to register in-person at the Registrar’s Office counter on the first floor of Old Main, beginning on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.   Non-matriculated students do not have assigned registration dates or PINs.

Past Due Balances

Students who owe the university in excess of $100 will not be allowed to register until that balance is paid. Please contact the Cashier’s Office immediately to work out a payment plan.

You must check, prior to registering, for all registration Holds you may have (tuition, fees, fines, Health Services records or immunization forms). Certain holds may prevent you from registering for classes. Account balances and the ability to pay will be available in WestConnduit. Failure to pay in full may result in the loss of your registration. Students registering on or after December 15 will be required to pay when they register.