Division of Student Affairs

Student Life : Managing Your Club

P-Card Request Process

This form requires at least one (1) week to process.

Step 1:

If you are a club that does not have its own P-Card, you must reserve the Club’s P-Card by clicking on the button below. Please note, you will not be able to reserve the Clubs P-Card until seven (7) days from today, to allow time to process the paperwork.

Reserve the P-Card

Step 2:

Fill out the P-Card Request Form and submit it to CSI at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to your reservation. If CSI does not have the completed P-Card Request Form, you will not be allowed to take the card.

Another important note: You will have the use of the P-Card for the full day of your reservation. It must be returned by 9:00am the next day.

P-Card Request Form

It is recommended that this form be filled out online and printed. However, handwritten form submissions will be accepted.