Division of Student Affairs

Student Life

CSI Staff

The Center for Student Involvement at

Western Connecticut State University

 Office: Midtown Student Center 227

Phone: (203) 837-3954

Fax: (203) 837-8213

Email: csi@wcsu.edu


Dennis Leszko
(203) 837-8214

Graduate Intern of Programming

Ashley Christensen
(203) 837-3950

Student Organization
Fiscal Assistant

Cathy Kost
(203) 837-8922


Student Administrative

Eric Gottier

Graduate Intern of FSL and Leadership

 Kourtney McKinney
(203) 837-3240

The Mission of the Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement creates an environment in which all students and student organizations are encouraged and aided in the development of positive social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, and leadership programs and activities.  The Center for Student Involvement staff supports this by:

  • providing opportunities for student development through participation in the educational mission of Western Connecticut State University.

  • assisting in the formation and recognition of new student organizations.

  • providing for the total integration of student sponsored events with the educational program of the University.

  • assisting and advising student organizations in the planning, organization , supervision and evaluation of their club functions; setting goals and objectives and practicing sound budgetary procedures.

  • assisting clubs with the operation of their organization in accordance with the rules and regulations established by various University organizations, including the Student Government Association, the Cashier’s Office and the Center for Student Involvement.

  • providing leadership development programs to enhance the effectiveness of student leaders.

  • facilitating communication among student organizations, the Student Government Association and the administration.

Student life is a collective effort at Western Connecticut State University.  Students with a common bond may seek to form a student organization.  The Student Government Association has the responsibility to provide financial assistance to the group if it meets the SGA’s funding criteria.  The Center for Student Involvement provides assistance with event organization and execution, leadership development and group dynamics to meet the needs of the organization.