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Student Life
: Travel

Club Travel Orientation

If the trip includes at least one overnight stay, it is required that the club and advisor have a travel orientation meeting at least two (2) weeks before the trip with all the participants traveling. It may also be necessary to have more than one of these travel orientation meetings.

This orientation needs to include but is not limited to the following:

  • Ensuring all students attending trip have completed a Student Travel Waiver forms
  • Ensure all students attending the trip have important information such as:
    • Meeting/departure time
    • Agenda/itinerary
    • Any personal money needed
    • Contact information for chaperones and the hotel
    • Packing (what to pack or what not to pack)
  • Discuss the code of conduct and the University’s expectation of those traveling.
  • Discuss any issues concerning the destination including Safety and emergency information.
  • Lodging common sense thinking when traveling

If traveling internationally you will need to cover many more topics such as:

  • Visas, passports and any paperwork associated needed for international travel
  • Cultural Sensitivity/Culture Shock
  • Health Insurance/vaccines
  • Currency
  • Food (what to eat/what to stay away from)
  • Being an American in another country

Please consult the websites travel.state.gov and www.cdc.gov/travel as well as the Coordinator of International Student Services for assistance when gathering international travel information for the Travel Orientation meeting. It is recommended that the trip organizer include other handouts with the Travel Orientation Agenda template such as maps (street and transportation maps) and itineraries/schedules (departure, arrival, activities, meetings, etc) as well as any other pertinent information.

A copy of the Code of Conduct can be found at staging.www.wcsu.edu/stuaffairs and click the link to Judicial Affairs on the left side of the screen.

Use these travel forms in accordance with the Student Club Travel Policy as outlined in the Student Activities Travel Planning Packet. A meeting with a CSI staff member may be necessary to go over the use of these forms.

All travel, whether domestic or international, is governed by the policies of the State of Connecticut, Western Connecticut State University and the Student Government Association.