Womens Studies


The Women’s Studies Program is set up to provide a minor in Women’s Studies and, for those particularly interested in the field of Women’s and/or Gender Studies, a (contract) major is also available (consult the Program Director to discuss further). Thus, the Women’s Studies Program at WCSU is primarily focused on the academic aspects of exploring and understanding society through the lens of critical scholarship.

At Western, the offerings in both Women’s & in related Gender Studies complement the offerings in other programs and departments to provide special opportunities to those who seek more knowledge about the roles of women and other underrepresented identities in history and in the contemporary world. Our program is continually developing, and the faculty is available to work with interested students.

However, the intersection of theory and practice (praxis) is essential to any discipline. Thus, the program supports the activities of other groups when they involve social, activist, community, and/or public involvements related to the field. Those involved with the Tri-Iota Honors Society have been particularly oriented toward service; students interested in the praxis of Women’s and/or Gender Studies should consider getting involved through this program or other community events/organizations [to be linked/posted shortly].

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