Office of Diversity and Equity

Welcome to the WCSU Office of Diversity and Equity (“ODE”)

As part of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (“CSCU”) system, Western Connecticut State University is committed to offering exemplary and affordable undergraduate and graduate instruction leading to degrees in the liberal arts, sciences, fine arts, applied fields, and professional disciplines. The mission to advance and extend knowledge, research, learning and culture while preparing students to enter the workforce and to contribute to the civic life of Connecticut’s communities. Through a variety of living and learning communities, the University will ensure that a multitude of programs and services are offered and geared around access, diversity and equity to meet the needs of a broad range of students, faculty and staff. Supporting an atmosphere of inter-campus learning, the exploration of technological and global influences as well as the application of knowledge to promote economic growth and social justice as part of the mission of the Office of Diversity and Equity (“ODE”).


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