Police Department

Mission Statement/Department Description

The Western Connecticut State University Police Division is established in accordance with Section IOa-142 of the Connecticut General Statutes which provides for a special police force at WestConn whose members have the same duties, responsibilities, and authority as members of a duly organized local, municipal or state police department.

The jurisdiction of the university police extends to the geographical limits of the property owned or under the control of Western Connecticut State University. The WCSU police department is primarily concerned with the protection of life and property, the prevention and suppression of crime, the apprehension and assistance in the prosecution of offenders, the preservation of peace, and the regulation of vehicular and other traffic.

Additionally, university police provide those “called for” and specialized services for the good of the community. All departmental activities and efforts are community oriented and directed toward fulfillment of these obligations in the most efficient and effective manner possible within the legal, ethical, and moral framework of contemporary society.