Police Department

Vision and Values Statement

The Western Connecticut State University Police Department is committed to providing professional protection services to our University community. These services are characterized by fairness, compassion, respect, and inclusiveness, and a commitment to protect the dignity of every person with whom we come in contact.

The Department will be recognized for its community service orientation and will strive to prevent crime through community involvement and aggressive problem solving. Our efforts will foster a safe living, learning and working environment supportive of the University’s goal to foster educational excellence.

We will strive for professionalism and integrity by maintaining high ethical and performance standards. We will encourage technological advances, training, and professional skill development to enhance our effectiveness, to generate respect and to provide the maximum safety for our staff.

We will make every effort to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the laws of the State of Connecticut and the Rules and Regulations of Western Connecticut State University.

Our Values

Excellence: We will strive for excellence in all of our protective services to our campus community. And will perform our duties with distinction in adherence to the best practices of Community Policing.

Respect: We believe in treating others, as we would like to be treated, honoring individual dignity, and acknowledging and accepting community diversity.

Integrity: We subscribe to the highest moral and ethical standards of conduct. By being responsible and accountable for our actions we will insure that our behavior builds credibility and respect.

Trust: We believe that in order to provide effective service we must develop and maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust with our community.

Dedication: We believe in committing to our goal of providing a safe living, working, and learning environment to the community of Western Connecticut State University.

Professionalism: We believe in delivering a level of service that will reflect the pride that we have in our department and our community. This service will also reflect our commitment to fair and impartial law enforcement and a belief in the precepts of our sworn oaths of office.

Education: We believe in educating our students, faculty, and staff about how to take responsibility for their own safety.

Community: We will strive to insure that we are a part of our community and that our community is a part of the University Police Department.