Police Department

General Information

University and Danbury Area Resources:

  • The Commission of Victim Services 1-800-822-VICT
  • University Counseling Center 1-203-837-8690
  • University Student Affairs 1-203-837-9700
  • University Health Services 1-203-837-8594
  • Danbury Crisis Services 1-203-748-5903
  • Connsacs Sexual Assault Crisis Program 1-888-999-5545 (24 hour toll-free hotline for adults and children, statewide)
  • Danbury referral for shelters/medical care/counseling etc. 1-203-743-3819
  • State’s Attorney’s Office 1-203-797-4073
  • Women’s Center of Greater Danbury 1-203-731-5200

Medical Aid

Student, non-emergency aid is available from the university health services located at Litchfield Hall on White Street. If a student is too ill to walk to the health services center, aid may be summoned by calling their office at 837-8594. If health services is closed, non-emergency assistance may be obtained by calling the university police at 837-9300.

Emergency-ambulance required- call 888. From a university Centrex phone, dial 9-911. Advise the dispatcher of the location and nature of the emergency. Please, do not hang up until you are told to do so. The university police should be summoned by calling 837-9300 from any Centrex line.