Police Department

Patrol and Training

University police officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are always ready to provide emergency and non-emergency assistance and service. The police organization includes the Chief of Police who is the chief law enforcement officer, one police lieutenant, 4 police sergeants, 18 police officers and 8 buildings and grounds officers.

All university police officers are graduates of the Connecticut Police Academy and are empowered by state legislation to effect arrest, carry firearms, and provide the same law enforcement service that local police provide for a city or town.

In addition to police academy training in the areas of laws of arrest, search and seizure, laws of evidence, penal code, motor vehicle law, accident investigation, firearms, defensive tactics, and human relations, police officers also attend regularly scheduled in-service training programs in such areas as alcohol and substance abuse, police community relations, diversity and sensitivity training, etc.

The University Police Department can be reached for any emergency by calling 837-9300 or “888” from Centrex lines on campus anytime, day or night. An officer will be immediately dispatched to provide whatever assistance is required.