Police Department

Emergency Telephone Locations on Campus

The university has an emergency telephone system that places the caller in direct contact with the University police dispatcher. These phones are highly visible in a bright yellow phone box (Y) or surround type stainless steel phone with blue strobe light (B) and are located at various places around campus (inside and outside of buildings). The phones have a single button operation that when pushed will immediately notify the dispatcher of the callers location. The caller can speak directly into the phone box for hands-free communication.

Please familiarize yourself with the location of emergency phones on campus.

Locations of Emergency Phones
(direct to WCSU Police Department)


   Building   Location

Berkshire Hall

1st fl. lounge; elevator; handicap ramp; weight room

Centennial Hall

Front entrance/handicap ramp; Front Door ; side near Loading Dock; Rear by benches in the quad;
Rear entrance ; basement laundry room ; and one in each elevator

Centennial Hall Parking Garage

level 1: by stairwell 1 and 2
level 2: by stairwell 1 and 2
level 3: by stairwell 1 and 2
level 4: by stairwell 1

Fairfield Hall

Elevator; front door; north wing

Grasso Hall

Elevator; front door

Haas Library                 

Cybercaf, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 4th floor, 5th floor; elevator; basement

Higgins Hall

Annex 1st and 2nd floors; Annex handicap door; Annex north end

Ives Center for Performing Arts

Charles Ives Center on Westside Campus

Litchfield Hall

Elevator; front door

Midtown Student Center

Elevators; theater exterior

MT Student Parking Garage              

level 1: by stairwell A, B, C and D;

level 2: by stairwell A, B, C and D;

level 3: by stairwell A, B, C and D;

level 4: by stairwell A, B, C and D;

Elevators, outside south stairwell

New Science Building

Outside Center Front Entrance: Right Side door; Outside Side Entrance-near Osborne and 
Dr. Roach Ave.; Outside Greenhouse exit; Outside near Osborne St. and Ninth Ave.

Newbury Hall

8th Ave. entrance; c; rear entrance; 1st floor

Old Main


O’Neill Center

Arena; lobby; elevator; main entrance; pool;
Weight room; gate 2

Pinney Hall

Elevators; front and rear lobbies; lower, middle, upper lots

University Hall

Elevator; rear lot

Warner Hall


Westside Classroom Building

Elevator; front entrance; 4th floor elevator lobby


4th floor hallway close to restrooms

Westside football field               

Sand Road

Westside Stadium                                

Front entrance ; inside elevator

Westside Student Center Bus stop on University Blvd. Inside Public
Elevator and Service Elevator

White Hall

Handicap ramp; lobby; elevators

White Street Parking Garage                         

At entrance to all stairwells; bridge; ramps


In addition to emergency phones, the University has installed “courtesy” phones that provide for intra-campus calling.  Courtesy phones are located on each floor of classroom buildings, in Irfan Kathwari Honors House, and residence halls.  The Police Department can be reached from these phones by calling 79300 or “911”

Courtesy Phone Locations (intra-campus)



Irfan Kathwari Honors House

Main entrance

Berkshire Hall

1st fl. hallway near 105; 2nd fl. across from room 211

Centennial Hall

12 phones- 3 on each floor

Haas Library

Cybercaf, near pay phone

Higgins/Higgins Annex  

1st floor by room 110; 2nd floor near room 210

Midtown Student Center 

Shuttle lounge near room 007; front lobby near public coin phones

New Science Building

1st floor Lobby Atrium next to stairs and inside Atrium area.
1st floor across from rooms 134, 150, 163,183 
1st floor adjacent to room 101
2nd floor next to rooms 202, 265, 281
2nd floor  across from room 246 and near elevator
3rd floor deck adjacent to Observatory
3rd floor adjacent to room 346

Residence Halls (Newbury, Fairfield, Grasso)

Main entrance

Warner Hall      

1st, 2nd, 3rd floors outside of elevators

Westside classroom Building

Student lounge under room 344 to the right of public payphone;

Westside Student Center

Ground floor- dining room west wall and east.
2nd floor info desk

main entrance by ATM

White Hall        

1st floor lobby; 2nd floor near room 207; 3rd floor between rooms 305/306


  • (Y) = bright yellow phone box, (B) = stainless steel phone with blue strobe light