Writing Center

Faculty Information

Class Visits

During the regular school year, staff from the Writing Center will be happy to visit your class and present a 10-minute introduction of our services. We’ll provide details about the Center (location, hours, policies, and staff) and invite students to ask questions about how we can meet their individual needs.

Encouraging Students to Visit

In addition to scheduling a visit, feel free to copy and paste the following paragraph into your syllabus:

  • Please take advantage of the free services offer at the Writing Center. Getting feedback benefits writers at all skill levels. The Center offers one-to-one tutoring services that address everything from brainstorming and developing outlines to writing strong sentences and documenting sources. For more information, visit the Writing Center website at wcsu.edu/writingcenter, or stop by the 3rd floor of Haas Library, Room 302.

Professor Notifications

The work we do with students is confidential. We keep digital and written records of each tutoring sessions. If a student would like his or her instructor notified of the visit, we will email a copy of our consultation report to the student’s instructor. If you would find it helpful to hear when your students have been to see us, please encourage them to have the notes sent to you.

Extra Credit and Required Visits

We’re always happy to have students visiting the Center for writing help; however, we would prefer that you not require or assign extra credit for student visits. In some cases, students who are required to visit the Writing Center come in without specific goals in mind for their session and are not engaged in the session or their writing project. Because we have a defined schedule, not all students may have access to our services in order to earn the extra credit. If you do choose to assign extra credit, please let us know in advance: custerk@wcsu.edu

General Policies regarding appointments, plagiarism, and group work