Writing Center

General Policies

Our overall goal is to help students become better writers, not just produce better papers.
Our emphasis is on learning.
These policies are designed with this goal in mind.

Appointment Policies

  • Tutoring sessions are 45 minutes in length and begin on the hour mark.

  • Writers must have at least one hour following the session before the paper is due. This allows for time to incorporate revisions.

  • Some projects may require more than one session. Writers may schedule an additional appointment for lengthier projects. However, we do not schedule appointments back-to-back.

  • Appointments may be scheduled as far in advance as the end of the current semester.

  • Writers may visit the Writing Center once per day and up to twice per week.

  • Appointment times will be held for ten minutes before being given to the next waiting writer.

  • Appointments may be modified or canceled via the online scheduling system or by contacting the Writing Center. If a writer misses more than three appointments without canceling ahead of time, we may limit the writer’s future visits to a drop-in basis only.

  • We welcome drop-in sessions if no other appointments are scheduled.

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Confidentiality Policies

  • Tutors do not comment on grading or suggest the grade a paper might receive. Tutors are not able to interpret professors’ comments; students should visit with the professor with such questions.

  • Visits to the Writing Center are confidential. We notify a professor of a visit only at the writer’s request.

Group Project Policy

We are happy to help writers on portions of an assignment that they have personally written. We cannot work with the words of another writer who is not present. (Please see our Academic Integrity policy, below.)If you would like to arrange a group session, please contact the Writing Center Coordinator.


Academic Integrity Policy

The Writing Center adheres to WCSU’s Academic Honesty Policy, as stated in the CSCU’s Student Code of Conduct. We generally assume that the writing brought to us is the visiting writer’s original work. If there are concerns with how and when research is cited, tutors do point out these concerns and explain the necessity for correct and thorough citations.

Tutors do not report suspected plagiarism to anyone outside of the Writing Center. If a tutor feels that a paper is clearly not the work of the writer present for tutoring, and the writer resists reworking the potentially plagiarized elements of the assignment, that tutor may cancel the session at his or her sole discretion and discuss the matter with the Coordinator. Ultimately, it is the writer’s responsibility to ensure the paper is free of any plagiarism issues.

Writing Center tutors are not permitted to help writers with mid-term, take-home, or final exams without the permission of the instructor. The instructor must email the Writing Center Coordinator.


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