Information Technology & Innovation

Classroom and Computer Lab PC’s upgraded

IT&I is pleased to announce that the operating system on PCs in classrooms and computer labs has been upgraded to Windows 10 (except for WS 103, WS 116 and WS 117A).


Windows 10:

– Provides more convenient tools such as quick access in File Explorer and an updated design. It also uses the Edge Browser with webpage markup and reading mode. Edge replaces Windows Explorer (yay!).

– Is faster and the interface and compatibility with other software tools makes it a vast improvement over Windows 7.

– Allows for your OneDrive files to be indexed rather than downloaded to the machine for faster use. This is especially important in classrooms.


Windows 10 is not too different from Windows 7 in how it operates. One key difference is the location of the log off button. Please see the following tutorials to familiarize yourself with the operating system and let us know if you have any questions or issues by calling our Service Desk at (203) 837-8467, emailing or submitting a request directly in Samanage (


Standard software has been fully tested.


Beginner’s Guide:


How to Log off a Windows 10 Computer:


Please note that Cortana has been turned off and Outlook is our current Mail and Calendar app.


I hope you have a wonderful semester,



Rebecca Woodward

Interim CIO for Academic Technology, Operations & Innovation

(o) 203.837.8760