WCSU Student Handbook 2019-20

Discover Downtown Danbury – Photo Gallery

If you like going for a walk or have nothing better to do, take a stroll downtown and experience Danbury as a tourist. Not only are there many historical sights to discover, but also many fabulous ethnic restaurants, art galleries, cute boutiques, and opportunities for volunteer work. Here are just some of the sights you might discover:

Main Street Impressions

Lamp Post on Main Street   Palace and Main Lamp Post   The Palace Theater on Main StreetMain Street Buildings on Main Street     Memorial Column on Main and West Street   Danbury Savings on Main Street   Main Street 1893 Danbury Music Centre


St. Peter Church Tower     St. Peter Garden

St. Peter

St. James    St. James Garden   St. James Garden
St. James

Cambodian Church
Cambodian Evangelical Church

First Congregational Church   First Congregational Church
First Congregational Church


Immaculate Heart of Mary on Deer Hill Avenue

Immaculate Heart of Mary

St. Anthony's Maronite Church   St. Anthony's Maronite Church

Saint Anthony’s Maronite Church


Elmwood Park Sign     Main Street and St. Peter as seen from Elmwood ParkThe Museum in the Streets Sign #17 - Elmwood Park
Elmwood Park

Rogers Park - Danbury Westerners Baseball     Mascot for Danbury Westerners with kids
Rogers Park

  Kennedy Park
Kennedy Park

Danbury Green

Danbury Green     Danbury Green looking WestDanbury Green Bubble Stage     Patriot Parking Garage

Danbury Public Library

Danbury Public Library      2016 - Library 2
War Memorial and Danbury Library  Library Statue  Old Town Hall Wall at the Library

Ives Street Area

Ives Street     Ives Alley The former Tuxedo Junction
Ives Revitalization     Two Steps - The Old Fire Station     Alley to Main Street

Street Art

Street Mural     Street Mural   Colorful Bird   On the Old Tuxedo Junction   Kennedy Park Mural Rising Phoenix Mural   Blue Statue Street Art Statue Green Silver Statue Purple and Yellow Statues   Different Silver Statue

Interesting Spots

Meeker's Hardware Store - now a shop with Sportsware   Meeker's Hardware  Hat City Seal     Hat City Alley
Still River  Union Savings Clock  Statue in St. James Garden
Brookview Commons     Mexican Bakery on White StreetPulse PointAsia Fresh Market
The Music Guild

Local Restaurants

El Ranchero     Empire of the IncasLa Mitad del Mundo     El Bacano
Copacabana     Ortega's - closed nowGallucci's     Two Steps
SoHo and Dubl Twistr     Pancho's TacosHoliday Diner     ParrillaPour Me     Three Brothers DinerMothership

Places to Volunteer

Escape to the Arts    The Joy Center
YMCA    Aids Project

Danbury Town Hall

    Portuguese Ship