Financial Aid

Important Financial Aid Forms

These forms should be completed in their entirety with all necessary signatures and only upon request. These documents can be emailed to, faxed to (203) 837-8528, or mailed to WCSU Financial Aid and Student Employment, 181 White St., Danbury, CT 06810. Please avoid emailing any documents that contain social security numbers and any other sensitive information.

General Forms (Not Year Specific)



Please do not submit additional documents unless they are requested.

  • 2019-2020 Change of Income Review Form
    • Please note that the Change of Income form is not intended to be used as a request for additional funding. The purpose of completing a Change of Income form is to re-determine financial aid eligibility based upon special circumstances that have affected a family’s income. For help determining whether you might qualify for a Change of Income revision, please contact your Financial Aid Counselor. Please allow 14 business days from the date all pertinent documents are received for your revision to process.


Please do not submit additional documents unless they are requested.


Accepting Financial Aid Awards

Your Financial Aid award identifies specific awards and amounts for which you are eligible for the entire academic year. Do not expect to use the entire academic year amount when budgeting for a semester.

You must accept your financial aid award online using your BannerWeb account. To accept your awards online please follow the instructions below:

• Click “Award for Aid Year,” select year, then “Submit.”

• Read through General Information on the next page.

• Click “Award Overview” tab. Review your award.

• Click “Resources/Additional Information” tab.

a. Answer Title IV Authorization questions

b. List any external scholarships/resources you are receiving

c. Click “Submit Information.” Page will refresh to show responses

• Click “Terms and Conditions” tab; once read and understood, accept and submit.

• Click “Accept Award Offer” tab; select a decision for each fund type listed

a. Click “Submit Decision” or “Accept Full Amount of Awards” if you want all funds offered

b. Add comments (optional), and click “Submit Information


Financial Aid Posting & Disbursement

After a student’s financial aid award has been accepted, the award package is posted as a credit in the student’s billing account. Usually the posting takes place in early June for Fall semester and November for Spring semester. However, it is important to note that if all requested verification and other documents have not been submitted as requested by Financial Aid and Student Employment, the award package will not be credited. Failure to satisfy the semester bill may result in late fees and possible cancellation of classes.


Consortium Agreement Information

A consortium agreement allows a matriculated student at WCSU (home) enrolled for a minimum of 3 credit hours to take additional classes during a semester at another eligible institution (host) and still be processed for financial aid at WCSU. A consortium agreement form needs to be obtained from Financial Aid and Student Employment and completed by the host institution. In addition a course approval form needs to be completed by the Chair of the department that the course falls under to verify that the intended course(s) are applicable to your degree.


Study Abroad Program using ISEP

WCSU participates with The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) to embrace international exchange by facilitating affordable university level exchanges on a reciprocal basis. For eligibility requirements please visit To be eligible for financial aid for this program the student must meet eligibility requirements for financial aid including deadlines and be accepted into this program.