Honors Council and Committees

Honors Council (2018-2019)

The Honors Council shall be responsible for:
Supporting and advising the Director on the development and implementation of the Honors curriculum. Approving all Honors course and seminar offerings. Selecting the recipient of any Honors awards or scholarships that is directly under the Kathwari Honors Program.


  • Director of the Honors Program – Dr. Christopher Kukk
  • Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences – Dr. Michelle Brown
  • Faculty members:
    • Natural Sciences/ Math
      • Dr. Mitch Wagener
      • Dr. Chuck Rocca
    • Humanities
      • Paul Echeverria
      • Dr. Brian Clements
    • Social/Behavioral Sciences
      • Dr. Maya Aloni
      • Dr. Oluwole Owoye
    • Ancell School of Business
      • Dr. Michele Ganon
    • School of Professional Studies
      • Dr. Mary-Ann Rossi
    • School of Visual and Performing Arts
      • Dr. Margaret Astrup
  • Student Representatives
    • Nathan Walker
    • Samuel Cournoyer
  • Secretaries/Representatives of the Honors Course Committee/Alternates (Non-voting members)
    • Jessica Lin – Assistant Director
    • Rachel Rossier – Honors Assistant and Alternate Student Representative
    • Hao Nguyen – Honors Assistant and Alternate Student Representative
    • James Cantafio – Honors Assistant and Alternate Student Representative