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Welcome to the ARM Academic Success Spot. As you know, each of your buildings has at least one ARM, or Academic Resource Mentor. But there are lots of you, and they can’t be everywhere at once, so we’ve created this page to provide you with some resources that you can access when your ARM isn’t there to help.

button logoWho and what are the ARMs?

ARMs are Academic Resource Mentors — peers whose goal is to help you find the information, locate the resources, and connect you to people who can help you in your academic endeavors. They provide academic and life skills programming, too. ARMs have office hours in your halls, when you can see them to get assistance. They are students, just like you! They can also help you touch base with PASS members, student volunteers who offer tutoring or assistance in subjects they do well in.

We’re sure you’ll see your ARM around in the building, but just in case, here are the ARMs for 2017-18 (scroll down!):

 Who Am I?

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Hiya! My name is Brianna and I’m one out of your two ARMs in Centennial Hall! I’m currently a junior / senior with a photography major and a minor in broadcast journalism. Also, I am the president of a club called ZINE which encourages everyday activism through visual arts and words. I’m also the treasurer for the Inter-Residence Hall Association (also known as IRHA and also a club which you all should join). My everyday hobbies include eating, sleeping, and watching Netflix with friends. You should know that I love the color yellow, I cry at the end of most movies, and I’m obsessed with coffee so much that I have a tattoo of a coffee cup on my hip.

This is my second year in Centennial, but I’m still very excited to see what this upcoming school year brings. If you ever need help with any academic or personal skills – I’m the gal to go to! I’ll also be the Student Administrative Assistant for Grasso Hall – so if you see me around, don’t be afraid to say hi!





Hi guys! My name is Sara and I am starting my first year as an ARM in Fairfield Hall. I am going into my Sophomore year at WCSU as a Nursing major. In my free time I love to go on hikes, kayak, and hangout at the beach.

Academically, my strengths revolve around math and science, however I am available to help in any subject needed! I am always around campus so feel free to stop me and say hi if you see me! I am excited to be an ARM this year and look forward to meeting all of you!

Image of Heidi Ohngemach, GH ARM





Hi everyone! I’m Heidi, the Academic Resource Mentor in Grasso Hall.  This is my second year as an ARM, and I spent my first year as an ARM in Pinney Hall.  And I’m a Music Education major with a focus in violin going into my Junior year.

I’m fairly involved in and out of campus.  You can catch me either performing in or attending concerts held in the VPAC, at Ultimate Frisbee Club, and lots of other events.  I’m also a student employee for our music department, Vice President of WestConn’s chapter of the National Association for Music Education, and I’m a string teacher at Bethel Music Center.

Even though I’m an Academic Resource Mentor, don’t feel like you can only come to me for help with your classes.  I also am here to help you with other things that you might not understand going on at WCSU or outside of college.  Feel free to say hi if you want to visit me during my ARM hours or if you catch me around campus!

Keyanna Wright













Hello! My name is Angela and I will be one of the two ARMs in Pinney Hall this upcoming school year. I am a junior this year, and am studying Music and Audio Production with a hope of working with film scores. I play the clarinet (my primary instrument), saxophone, and a little of the trumpet.

I love to read books, watch movies, and to hang with friends. I currently live in New Hampshire with my family, so I try to go home when I have time to travel! I have my parents, two older sisters, two nephews, and a wild cat named Ally.

I am very excited to be an ARM this year, and I will do my absolute best to make sure my residents feel comfortable with coming to me for help or when they have questions. Don’t be scared to come to me to get academic help, or even if you just need someone to talk to! Can’t wait to meet all of you!





Hi! I’m Kathryn, and I will be one of two ARM’s in Pinney Hall this year. I am a junior History major, and enjoy playing intramural volleyball and spending time with friends! I am also a bit of an American History need. That being said, I can definitely help in areas such as History and Writing, and can revise papers if needed.

Although those are my focuses, you can come to me about any subject and I will gladly get you the help you need! Feel free to come visit me in my office hours throughout the week, I can’t wait to meet you!