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Housing Lingo

What did they say?

CupolaR.A./Resident Assistant – Student peer helpers assigned to each section of the residence halls.

A.R.M./Academic Resource Mentor – Student peers who provide academic related resources to residence hall students.

R.D./Resident Director – Professional staff member responsible for the management of each residence hall.

A.D.H.R.L./Assistant to the Director of Housing and Residence Life – The official title of the R.D.

P.A.S.S./Peer Academic Support System – Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher who volunteer to tutor students in specific subjects. Lists are available from the A.R.M. in each residence hall.

S.A.P./Satisfactory Academic Progress – Students who live on campus must make progress toward a degree each semester. The University requirement is 24 credits per year.

R.I.F./Room Inventory Form – Each year when you check in to your room, you fill out an R.I.F. that indicates the condition of your room and furnishings. This is reviewed when you check out, and you may be billed for damages that are indicated by condition changes in your room.

S.A.A./Student Administrative Assistant – This is a student position that assists the Resident Director with the administrative side of managing the residence hall. There is one per building.

Documented – When a resident has potentially violated University policy it is documented, or written up, by a staff member. This documentation is forwarded for disciplinary action, which includes an investigation of potential charges and may result in a judicial hearing on the infractions.