Division of Student Affairs

Housing & Residence Life

Leadership Opportunities

Hall Councils

CircleEach residence hall has its own Hall Council,  consisting of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and representatives from each section of the building. The Hall Councils plan social and educational activities for the residents of the building and make recommendations regarding hall damages and billing. Hall Council meetings are open to all residents of each building. Serving on Hall Councils provides a great leadership opportunity as well as an opportunity to become involved in the building’s community.

Inter-Residence Hall Association (I.R.H.A.)

The Inter-Residence Hall Association consists of student representatives from each of the residence halls. This association coordinates the interests of the residence halls, brings campus residents together through activities involving and benefiting each residence hall, addresses problems and concerns common to campus residents and provides recreation equipment for the residence halls.  In weekly meetings, IRHA discusses topics ranging from food service to residence hall programming, as well as other pertinent issues.