Strategic Plan

Subcommittee Charges and Membership

Environmental Scan

Is examining our internal and external environments—including our competitors and relevant economic, social, and political trends—and identifying our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges.

Ann Atkinson
Dan Barrett
Maranda Cox
Veronica Kenausis (chair)
Russell Hirshfield
Katie O’Callaghan
Gary Skiba

Strategic Plan 2007

Is carefully reviewing our existing plan in order to determine what has been achieved, what is still relevant and makes sense to keep in some form, and what is no longer relevant to pursue.

Dan Barrett
Terry Dwyer
Patty O’Neill
Pamela McDaniel (chair)


Is assessing our existing Mission, Vision, and Values by soliciting feedback from students, faculty, and staff about the value and appropriateness of our current ones.

Missy Alexander
Dan Barrett
Mario Oliviera
Joan Palladino (chair)
Birte Selvaraj

Physical Plant

Is examining our existing facilities and space and comparing what we have with what we need.  Their work will also contribute to the CSCU system Master Plan.

Ann Atkinson
Angela Maggi
Peter Visentin (chair)
Rebecca Woodward


Is taking a fresh look at how the community perceives WCSU, what image we want to project, and how we can effectively do that.

Ann Atkinson
Joe Loth
D.L. Stephenson
Chuck Spiridon (chair)